Nanny Still

Nanny Still was born July 31st, 1926 in Helsinki, Finland. She passed away aged 82 in Bryssels on May 7th, 2009. She is one of the most popular glass designers from the “golden age” of Finnish glass design, 1950s – 1960s.

Still studied metalwork but entered a Nordic glass design competition the year she graduated, 1949, and won. She was promptly hired by Riihimäki Glass factory, and she is best known for her colorful work there all the way up to the 1976 when Riihimäki automatized household glass production and closed downed the handblown glass development.

In 1958 she got married to an American, George McKinney, and move to Brussels soon after. While living there she also designed for Rosenthal, Cerabel and Heinrich Porzellan.

She might be best known for her colorful glass designs but during her career she designed anything from jewelry to frying pans and flatware, using not just glass but ceramics and metal as well.

Some of her best known glass production designs are Harlekiini, Flindari and Grapponia.

For her long and meaningful career Nanny Still was awarded the Pro Finlandia medal in 1972.