Decollete by Oiva Toikka

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Decollete is a series of large different color glass spheres with a slice removed from the top. Some are single color and some have two layers of color. Each is unique, and they were produced by Nuutajärvi Glassworks master glass blowers in 1985. Each is signed “Oiva Toikka Nuutajärvi Notsjö”. They are amazing works of art for their color and glass consistency and are hand blown and matte finished by sand blasting. Some of the two-color ones are etched to form patterns. They vary in shape and in size but follow the same general spherical design. You very rarely see these in the market, as most are in the hands of Toikka collectors.

The Decollete works should not be confused with newer Luola (Cave) pieces by Toikka. Luola is a limited edition run and each is numbered, while every Decollete was a one off a kind piece. I used to own the black Decollete until it was accidentally destroyed… still makes me cringe. But to see up close such a large piece of single sheet glass that was hand blown with almost no bubbles or any imperfections, and the way light shone through it changing the color.. it was beautiful.

Decollete sculpture by Oiva Toikka in white. 1985 H 185 mm


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